Disastrous Chinese Health Care After 1980s…

After 1980, health care suffered from huge disastrous effects due to govt. policy of market reform. Although since 2009 govt. took steps to improve healthcare system in China, but it is a long journey to remove effects of three continuous decades of bad healthcare system.

How May I Help You Helpfully?

In our society, social dynamics make ways difficult to help each other. To successfully facilitate others, you should adhere these dynamics. Before helping anyone, it should be considered that the help is productive. Before offering help you should inquire with humility and encouragement about the problems you are attempting to solve.

KUNG FU TO’A___A game cum need of time…

Kung fu To’a— A martial art game, firstly introduced by Grand Master Ebrahim Mirzaii in 1960s in Iran. This game is result of his deep study of eastern martial art games and oriental philosophy with an aim to introduce entirely new game. It is a mixture of different martial arts including Shaolin Kung Fu. It Read more

!سعودی عرب! اسلامی ریاست یا سلطنت سعود

 سعودی عرب، جیسا کہ نام سے ہی واضح ہے “سعود کا عرب”۔ نہ تو اس ریاست کا نام اسلامی ہے اور نہ ہی اسکی حکمت عملی اور سیاسی مصلحتیں اسلامی ہیں۔سعودی عرب  ایک شاہی خاندان کی حکومت کا نام ہے جو اپنے برطانوی آقا کی مہربانی سے اس جگہ پر حکمران ہے جہاں دنیا کا Read more

ROHINGYAS under genocidal attack by Buddha’s Islam-phobic followers

Following killings of innocent and unarmed women and children, Myanmar government pictured it “an effort to eliminate terrorism”. Deceitfully, Aung San Suu Kyi alleging that international media is spreading false news regarding violence and current situation in Rohingyas and on the other hand she is not giving access towards persecuted civilians of Rohingyas. Her statements Read more